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This FAQ is list of short answers to some of the frequent queries received by us. The answers below will help you get started with your interaction with the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences Library Information System(KVASULIS). If you do not find what you are looking for, kindly visit Library or call at 91-4936-256953

  1. How do I indent books/documents for the library?
    You may please send an email to / / / with the following details: Author, Title, Year/Ed. , Publisher, cost . You may apply online / download this form, fill out and forward it to the library for further action.
  2. As a member , how many books am I entitled to issue and for what period of time?
    CategoryBooks permittedLoan Period
    Diploma Students0510 days
    UG Students (BVSc)0510 days
    PG & PhD0510 days
    Non-teaching0230 days
    Teachers1030 days
  3. What is the fine for late/delayed book returns?
    Students : Five rupees per day. Teachers/Staff : Ten rupees per day
  4. How can I access the library catalogue from my room?
    Click on "OPAC" from the 'Catalogue' Button and select the appropriate catalogue you are looking for.
  5. What are the various electronic resources available in the library?
    There are a number of E-Services available. Please check up with the website
  6. I want to get information about, say, the audiovisual facilities in the library. Whom should I contact?
    You may contact circulation desk or send an e- mail to the library concerned ( / / / )
  7. Can I carry my personal books into the library?
    You are permitted to bring personal books inside the Library, provided those are checked and certified, as your personal book, by the Library officials.
  8. Can I issue books from the Reference section?
    Usually members are not allowed to issue books from Reference section. These have to be used within the respective section, and explicit permission is required to take these out of the section. With the special recommendation of the Head of the Institution ; overnight issues of the books from this section is permitted ( i.e issue after 7 p.m and return the very next day before 10 a.m)
  9. Can I see my "checked out" items in Webopac?
    Yes. you can login to Webopac by clicking the "Checkouts" link .
  10. What are the business hours for the library?
    The library opens on all working days from 09 a .m to 07. p.m & on Holidays 09 a .m to 01. p.m

Please inform the LIC Helpdesk ( / / / in case of any problems

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library timings
Working days9 AM - 7 PM
Holidays9 AM - 1 PM
Issue / Return9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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