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General Rules
  • Keep silence in the library. Switch off your mobile phone inside the library.
  • Do not bring your personal belongings (bag, file, umbrella, note books, etc.) inside the library.
  • You are allowed to bring loose paper sheets/reference cards for note-making
  • Handle the books with care. Co-operate to preserve our repository. To tear off the pages of books/journals means to cheat your friend who is also in need of the information contained in it.
  • Please do not misplace the books on the racks.
  • Borrower’s tickets are not transferable; loss of a ticket will lead to its misuse by others, and you may have to be responsible for a costly book. Ensure that your tickets are not used by others.
  • Solicited your co-operation for the efficient functioning of the library and information system.
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library timings
Working days9 AM - 7 PM
Holidays9 AM - 1 PM
Issue / Return9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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